Cognitive automation
solution for enterprises

ignio™ for IT Ops
Cognitive automation and unique pre-built knowledge allows ignio to solve your IT challenges. Identifying root causes of problems in minutes instead of hours or days, ignio adds business value from day one. It also frees up your IT team’s valuable time by automating routine tasks — without scripting nor pre-programming — and allows them to focus on strategic initiatives.
ignio™ for Batch
Batch jobs and automated workloads are the backbone of many enterprise businesses. The complexity and sheer size of the workloads required for day-to-day operations often numbering in the hundreds of thousands—catches many operations teams by surprise.
ignio for Batch learns your business and keeps your processes running smoothly, saving time so you can focus on what’s important: growing your business, not simply maintaining it.
ignio™ for SAP
Businesses running SAP often rely on it as the core of their operations. This exposes them to a high degree of risk when problems occur— making it crucial to ensure that SAP runs effectively around the clock, from the platform to database and network connections. This is especially challenging given the cost and complexity of daily operations, as SAP interacts with multiple systems within your environment and across your external business ecosystem.
Certification Levels - ignio for ITOps
Level 1
Understanding ignio
Course Batch Duration: 1 week
Take Aways from the Course:
  • Basic understanding of the domain
  • Overview of ignio
  • ignio Features and Use Cases
  • ignio Positioning
Level 2
Implementing ignio
Course Batch Duration: 2 weeks
Take Aways from the Course:
  • ignio Deployment
  • ignio Integration
  • ignio Configuration
Level 3
ignio Architecture
Course Batch Duration: 2 weeks
Take Aways from the Course:
  • Functional
  • Technical
  • Deployment
  • Scalability
  • Security and Safety
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